Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis treatment is a form of electric hair removal. A tiny probe gets inserted into the hair follicle, and an electric shock gets applied. If performed professionally, the electrolysis effect is comparable to laser hair removal. It may provide a longer-lasting effect for those who are not candidates for laser hair removal (i.e., those with red, blonde, or gray hair).

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a safe method of hair removal, suitable for both men and women. Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for removing unwanted hair. Electrolysis can provide a targeted solution for undesired hair growth and produce immediate results.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment
Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Will Electrolysis Work for Me?

Yes, electrolysis is suitable for all types of skin and hair. It can get applied to almost all face and body types. The most popular are the eyebrows, chin, upper and lower lips, jawline and sides of the face, chest, underarms, abdomen, bikini line, feet, legs, and back. Based on personal and confidential consultation, we will design a treatment plan to meet your specific hair removal needs.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

During the electrolysis process, a small sterile needle transmits a small amount of electric current directly into the hair follicle's natural opening, destroying the mechanism that causes hair growth and regeneration. Unlike waxing or plucking, electrolysis prevents hair regrowth, leaving the area smooth and hairless. When the electric current penetrates the follicle during the treatment, you may feel slight discomfort, but the process is painless.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

In 1885, Dr. Charles E. Michel, an ophthalmologist in St. Louis, Missouri, developed a trichiasis technique. He uses the current generated by the battery to make permanent hair removal possible. Michel dermatologist and colleague Dr. William Hardaway started using this technology to treat female facial hair problems. That was the start of electrolysis, which has become the only medically recognized and proven method for permanent hair removal.

Shaving, waxing, tweezing, and hair removal may work in a short time, but all of these are temporary solutions.

Electrolysis involves inserting sterile filaments into the skin's natural hair follicles without the filaments piercing the skin. Three electrolysis methods get used in electrochemistry: electric current, pyrolysis, and mixing.

Galvanic couples use galvanizing current and moisture within your skin to produce lye, which damages hair papilla. The current method allows the use of multiple needles.

Thermal decomposition only uses a needle and should not be confused with electrolysis. It uses alternating current to generate heat and damage the nipples of the hair. The latest pyrolysis method is called SIMPLE.

Blending combines current and thermal decomposition methods. Thermal decomposition heats sodium hydroxide to help damage the nipples of the hair.

Through these three methods, after removing the needle, the treated hair can get pulled out. Typically, electrolysis must undergo a certain period of treatment to be effective. Once the regenerated hair cells get entirely removed, the hair cannot grow again. The result is permanent hair removal.

Hair can get removed from any part of the inside of the ears and nose, and the treatment should only cause mild discomfort. Electronic physicians will ensure the comfort and safety of patients. When the multi-needle mixing method gets used, the filament gets sterilized. When the single-needle mixing method gets used, it gets discarded.

In our society, there are many benefits to being an attractive person. Appearance is an essential aspect of communication in corporate and social events. By following the prescribed series of treatments, you can achieve the hairless appearance you dream of without these razors or harsh chemicals.

Biologists tell us that human hair is a decoration that helps to improve appearance. However, too much hair in unacceptable places in society can cause deep-rooted psychological distress. The use of hair removal can significantly improve the beauty effect and be the key to improving people's health.

Hair removal can get divided into two categories: temporary hair removal and permanent hair removal. Temporary hair removal includes procedures such as tweezers, waxing, shaving, and chemical hair removal. For example, some tangled hair protruding from the eyebrows is not uncommon and completely normal. However, some women do experience hormonal changes, which can lead to excess hair. This imbalance may be temporary, such as during adolescence and menopause, or maybe a more serious long-term problem.

If you have recently noticed a significant change in the amount or style of facial hair and body hair, it is best to see a doctor.

Usually, as men mature, they also experience hair growth, which they do not want to see, such as thick eyebrows, increased chest hair, or long black hair on the ears. That is not considered a symptom of abnormality or hormonal imbalance but seems to be a natural phenomenon caused by genetics.

In all cases, unwanted hair can get safely and comfortably removed permanently by electrolysis.

Yes! The medical community has long recognized electrolysis as an effective and safe method for permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal can only get achieved by carefully destroying the hair follicles and those cells responsible for hair growth. Therefore, it should only be performed in a professional environment by well-trained electronics experts. Don't hesitate to ask your family, doctor. Their doctors have referred to many patients.

The staff is well-trained, skilled, and professional electronic scientists. Insert the epilator (a modern electronic device with a thin wire) carefully into the hair follicle. The epilator was designed to recognize insertion and has gotten programmed to automatically provide a precise amount of current for the programmed time length. This method is called low current hair removal. The amount of current is minimal, and ordinary patients describe the treatment as relatively comfortable.

The treatment is done by a well-trained professional electrician who uses a new type of multi-filament, microprocessor-controlled low-current galvanic epilator. For a long time, scientists and doctors have realized that electric current is superior to other hair removal methods. When discussing combining new technologies in the electronics industry and well-conceived clinical procedures, the current modern method is the most effective, most comfortable, and safest way to achieve permanent hair removal.

Yes. Only those follicles with active hair and visible on the skin surface can get treated. At any given point in time, a certain percentage of hair follicles are in a static state and may have lost hair. After the resting period is over, the follicles resume their natural growth stage. New hairs appear on the skin surface.

Except inside the nose and the ears, it can treat most parts of the body. Both men and women took advantage of this service and got relief from unwanted hair.

It depends on the individual. The number of hairs and the tightness of hair growth must get considered. It usually gets recommended to carry out a series of treatments in each treatment course to reduce or reduce growth density.

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