As we get older, it is only natural that our sex drive decreases. With that being said, intimate health can be a touchy subject for some, when in reality many people deal with some sort of sexual health issue over the span of a lifetime. At EVRNU, we understand that sexual health is a tough topic, and that is why we are here to help. In today’s blog, we are going to be talking about two of the treatments that we offer for women, the O-Shot and the Viveve Treatment.

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to help restore vaginal health, improve orgasms, and boost sexual pleasure. It also helps with vaginal dryness that can be painful for many women. Just as PRP can be used to restore the skin and hair, it also allows new blood vessels to form which help rejuvenate the vagina.

How does the O-Shot® work?

The P-Shot is a non-surgical procedure that is quick with minimal pain. It begins with numbing the vagina and then a simple blood draw. Using platelet rich plasma (PRP), extracted from your blood, it is injected in and around the vaginal area. There is no downtime, you may resume your normal daily activities immediately and resume sexual activity about 4 hours after procedure on the same day.

Who is a candidate for the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® can provide relief for women who suffer with decreased sexual pleasure, urinary incontinence, poor lubrication, pain caused by a history of vaginal childbirth, alongside other physical issues. These issues can greatly affect a woman’s self-esteem.

What Are the Benefits of the O-Shot®?

  • Decreased or completely resolved pain during sex
  • Decreased or resolved overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Increased vaginal skin tightness
  • Increased libido (sex drive)
  • Increased sexual sensitivity

Do you want to awaken your sexuality and experience an increase in sexual pleasure?

As women get older, decreased sexual desire, urinary incontinence, reduced sexual responsiveness, and vaginal dryness are very common symptoms. This is a part of life, but, thanks to a technology called the Orgasm Shot (O-Shot), women can now revitalize their sexual health.

What does the O-Shot do?

The O-Shot is a painless and completely natural way to help rejuvenate sexual health and confidence in women without any surgery necessary. The procedure provides a multitude of benefits, including relief from painful intercourse, more frequent orgasms, and increased arousal from G-spot stimulation.

How does the O-Shot work?

The O-Shot procedure uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) of your own blood to naturally treat issues related to sexual health. Once the PRP is extracted, it is then re-injected into the vaginal tissue, stimulating stem cells, collagen, and blood vessels, thus aiding in rejuvenating the vaginal region and helping it feel and respond to a stimulus as if you were younger.

Why should I consider an O-Shot?

Many women (57-75% of the population) struggle with intimacy, arousal, orgasms, urinary incontinence due to age, giving birth, and hormonal changes.

Here at Avante, we pride ourselves in being your intimate health expert and are always here to aid in your sexual health issues.

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