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Permanent Makeup

Intradermal Pigmentation (otherwise known as permanent makeup) is a cosmetic beauty treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years. In most cases, it involves implanting natural pigments inside the dermal layer – a perfectly safe and medically proven method of achieving long-lasting visual effects.

At Avante MediSpa, we are proud to be the premier permanent makeup provider in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas. Not only do our services save our clients time and money, but than can also boost their confidence, reduce the appearance of scars, and provide relief for women who suffer from pigmentation issues.


Permanent Makeup Q & A

What Exactly is Permanent Makeup?

Despite the name, most permanent makeup treatments only will last for about one year Still, this is one year in which you can drastically reduce your time in front of the mirror, ensure great looking lips, hair, and skin, reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes, and enjoy a pitch-perfect skin tone.

Again, it’s important to note that different types of permanent makeup will take different amounts of time to fade. For instance, permanent forms of eyeliner and lip liner will last for about one year, depending on your skin type and sun exposure. Pigments applied to less sensitive and exposed skin can typically make it for about one year or more.

That said, you can extend the results of your permanent pigmentation by applying proper sun protection and applying high-quality moisturizer regularly. At Avante MediSpa, we advise our clients in The Woodlands and Greater Houston to treat their pigmented skin with only the best products they can get so they can get the most from the results.

Types of Permanent Makeup

The most common types of permanent makeup are spray tans, permanent eyeliner, ombre lip tattoos, and microblading. In this section, we’ll explore each service in detail while explaining how they can help you save time while overcoming a variety of skin issues.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner (Top and Bottom)

Perhaps the most popular example of intradermal pigmentation is permanent eyeliner. This can be applied to both the top and bottom of the eye using strokes of varying thicknesses. Where some clients want a more subtle look that merely complements their features and skin tone, others want a more dramatic look that will have them looking fully made up the second they awake.

Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner Services


Permanent eyeliner is ideal for active women who are tired of struggling with waterproof, smudge-resistant makeup that doesn’t stand up to their daily activities.


When treated properly, eyeliner will last for about one year. This can even be extended with the use of special moisturizers and SPF sun protectants.

At Avante MediSpa, we work hard to provide the best permanent eyeliner services in Houston and The Woodlands. Our team of technicians is not only well-trained, but they all take great care in ensuring our clients get exactly the look they want at every visit.


Many people suffer from health conditions that make applying makeup to the eye area dangerous. With permanent eyeliner, they can leave the task to a trained professional.


Not every woman has the time to do a full makeup routine every single time they take a shower. With permanent eyeliner, they can look their best while saving plenty of time getting ready in the mornings.


Women who use makeup to correct perceived imbalances or spots can use permanent eyeliner to make these solutions last years at a time.


Women who are allergic to many common types of eyeliner may be particularly sensitive around the eye area. Permanent eyeliner provides them with a stunning alternative that they can tailor to their own needs.


Ombre Lip Tattoos

Fuller, more well-defined lips are something that will likely never go out of style. However, not all of us are blessed with the plump pink lips of your average movie star. This is where ombre lip tattooing can be a lifesaver (not to mention a budget saver). Not a “tattoo” in the technical sense, it involves depositing tiny bits of mineral-based coloring onto the lips.

The process requires a fair amount of skill, as it is important to carefully define the lip edges and feather the color in as naturally as possible. It’s also worth noting that the initial results are far more dramatic than what you’ll see when the lips finally heal.

Benefits of Ombre Lip Tattoos


The color, shape, and definition improvements you get from your ombre lip tattoo will last for about one year depending on sun exposure, skin type, and how well you protect the results. To perfect the results, touch-ups are usually required two to three months after the initial procedure.


The most common side effects are swelling, itching, and redness. You’ll be asked to avoid direct sunlight and exercise for several weeks after the treatment, but you can return to your normal routine soon after.


Though many people think that ombre tattoos add fullness to the lips, they actually only make them appear fuller through the improvement in color and contour.


An Ombre tattoo can virtually eliminate your need for a lip liner pencil, as your borders will be clearly defined already. You also don’t have to worry about any more smudging or smearing throughout the day!

At Avante MediSpa, our team consults with you to decide on the proper shape and contour of your new Ombre Lip tattoo. We know that lips are not “one size fits all,” and providing a custom look is just one of the reasons why we’re one of the top lip tattoo providers in Greater Houston.


Microblading is considered the best method for long-term eyebrow enhancement. Like ombre tattooing, the process involves depositing small amounts of pigment into the uppermost layer of skin, this time using a very fine blade. The end results are extremely natural-looking, as each hair-fine stroke is specifically designed to look like the real thing!

Benefits of Mircoblading


Thickening your eyebrows or dyeing them a darker color will fade eventually, leaving you with an uneven appearance. Microblading on the other hand, will maintain an even look from treatment to treatment.


After your first microblading session, you can all but throw your eyebrow pencil in the trash. Your color and shape will remain in place whether you’re fresh out of the pool or have just woken up.


Each microblading treatment will last for about one year depending on your skin type, sun exposure, and what sort of products you use to protect the results.

Avante MediSpa: Your Permanent Makeup Solution in The Woodlands and Houston

If you’re looking for permanent makeup solutions in Greater Houston, The Woodlands, or beyond, contact the team at Avante MediSpa today. Our team has the skills, education, and background to provide top-quality permanent beauty solutions. From spray tans and permanent eyeliner to ombre tattoos and microblading, we – quite literally – have you “covered.”

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