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Weight Loss

Although there are several diets, pills, and meal replacement programs that claim to help you lose weight quickly, the majority of them are devoid of scientific support. There are, however, certain measures that have been scientifically proven to be effective in the management of weight loss and maintenance. Our weight loss specialists and nutritionists at Avante Laser & Medispa look at the whole picture. We believe that it is important to get behind the culprit of weight gain. So many factors affect the way we lose and gain weight. There are also so many things that affect our metabolism. It's not all about calorie deficits and exercise. You are a complex being and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking to tailor the right food plan and lifestyle changes needed to guarantee your success on your weight loss journey.

We are here to help, call our offices in Houston or The Woodlands, Texas, or schedule a consultation online. Your road to a fitter happier you is a free consultation away!

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Weight Loss Q & A

Why Our Weight Loss Program Works

We base our entire program around addressing each core issue, from nutrition to hydration, education, medical history, sleep, stress, motivation, habits, moods, cravings, triggers, support, successes, failures, relationships, obligations, and more. No other program like it exists. Our medical and behavioral health care teams work together using evidence-based research and proven principles in a whole-person, collaborative approach to care.

Enhanced Weight Loss
in The Woodlands, TX & Houston

The Dr. Neely Protocol – Encompassing The 8 Dimensions of Health to help you
maintain permanent weight loss and maximize your wellbeing.

Dr. Lara Neely is a Doctor of Behavioral Health and knows there is so much more to it than just dieting. She gets to the underlying issues to help you not only lose the weight but to figure out what is causing it in the first place. She incorporates the 8 dimensions of health (physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, financial, social, spiritual, and intellectual) in her assessment and treatment planning, which makes every aspect of your weight loss plan unique and specifically made for only you. She provides one-on-one attention and meets with you weekly to review your progress and update your goals. In essence, she helps you become the healthiest version of YOU!

The 8 Dimensions Of Health

There are eight Dimensions of Health: physical, emotional, occupational, environmental, financial, social, spiritual, and intellectual. Each dimension is interconnected and is equally vital in the quest for maximum health and wellbeing. Understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the dimensions is fundamental to achieving long-term success.

The 8 Dimensions Of Health

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Whether you prefer an individual session or enroll in our 12-week program, what you receive is a customized, individual weight loss plan that is built around medical and behavioral interventions. We offer prescription weight loss medication and hormone replacement therapy, weekly weigh-ins on the InBody machine, goal setting and tracking, nutrition, exercise coaching, and more. Your personalized weight loss program will address your specific medical issues while encompassing the 8 dimensions of health, helping you achieve long-term wellness and lifestyle changes.

The Weight Loss Program

Our 12 week program is closely monitored and customized just for you.
Included in the plan:

The Weight Loss Program

Free initial consult with a Doctor of Behavioral Health

Blood work

Appointment with a nurse practitioner

prescription for weight loss medication if desired**

Weekly meetings and daily coaching with a Doctor of Behavioral Health

Weekly weigh-ins on the InBody machine

Weekly measurements

One Venus Legacy treatment

One VISIA skin analysis

Up to 25% off other selected services and treatments at Avante Laser & MediSpa

Certain terms and conditions apply.

The Weight Loss Program

Your Weight Loss Management Program

Your weight loss program is custom designed for you. Wellness encompasses more than just your physical health; it is a multi-dimensional and holistic integration of body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Neely and her medical team recognize that problems in one area almost always impact one or more areas and should be addressed to find optimal success. Wellness generally includes the interconnection of multiple dimensions, but this interplay is often ignored or overlooked by other practitioners.


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